this sounds especially wrong when you don’t know what he’s talking about


In Gav's defense, both he and Meg have received hate from Tumblr, people draw disgusting ship art of him, and people insult Meg horribly just because she's dating him and she's "wrecking their otp". I'd say that's a pretty good reason to hate Tumblr

But also, they receive hate via Twitter as well. And you don’t see Gavin writing off Twitter the way he writes off Tumblr. You should never hate on an entire social media platform just because of a few assholes that happen to use it. I think Meg’s a wonderful woman, I’ve watched quite a few of her YouTube videos and she’s a sweetheart and her and Gavin make a wonderful couple. Gavin has made a large portion of his career through the internet, he should know better than to group millions of people using a social platform as if they’re all the same.

Let's pretend that Tumblr is a person. You don't know him personally, but a lot of your friends know him. Every time your friends talk about Tumblr, it is always about him saying how you do things wrong and how the free content that you put on the internet for people to enjoy is not good enough ... dude, I'd start to dislike that person as well. Most of Tumblr is great ... it's just the whiny a-holes who have the loudest voice ... unfortunately.

Yeah, that’s understandable. But Gavin’s a smart guy, he knows the internet pretty well, it’s how he makes his money. You’d think he’d know better than to lump millions of people as if they’re a group of 50 or so people. Tumblr is a massive website, with a pretty large Roosterteeth fanbase and a large number of their fans gravitate here. It’s annoying to see him write off everyone who uses it. Because they sure as hell wouldn’t have me as a fan if I hadn’t discovered them on Tumblr, and they wouldn’t have had my sponsorship either.

“I’m everywhere and soon you’ll be nowhere.” -A

Every Glee song ever 

gavin, i’m using my tumblr, to say stop bitching about tumblr and saying you’d love to delete it. you’ve admitted you don’t go on it, you’ve admitted you don’t get it, so stop being a dick about it.


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